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When You're Having Trouble Believing In Yourself

Author: Glenn Shepard
Date: January 14, 2014
Category: Inspiration


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Dear Glenn,   

How do you know when itís time to pull the plug on an employee? We have an employee that we are just not 100% satisfied with. They do not make a lot of mistakes, but there are some.  But more so they just donít have that "Go get Ďem attitude" that I feel a good employee has.

     Do I pour more training into this person in hopes that they will invest more in their career and start to want to take on more responsibility, or do we let them go and start looking for someone new?

Mary in Illinois


Dear Mary,

When I interviewed the president of Southwest Airlines for my sixth book, "How to be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without", I asked  how they find such incredible employees. She summed it up in six words: "Hire for attitude, train for skills".

     Being good at doing a job doesn't make someone a good employee, it only makes them a good worker. In order to be a good employee, they have to care, which will manifest itself in working well with others, being relatively easy to manage and not high maintenance, and taking the initiative to do more than they're asked to do.

    Thanks for your question.

Glenn in Nashville, TN

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Self-confidence is a Catch 22.


You need it to succeed, but you need to succeed to build self-confidence.


When weíre young and havenít yet accomplished much, optimism and enthusiasm about the future are enough.


But everyone gets knocked down and discouraged as we get older, and that can rattle anyone's self-confidence.


So when youíre doing your best but your life has become the epitome of Murphyís Law, how do you regain  your confidence?


The answer is simple but powerful - so powerful that it has changed countless lives, businesses, marriages, and prevented many suicides.


You surround yourself with people who believe in you, even when you donít believe in yourself.


Everyone has people in their lives that just suck the life out of them. These Life Suckers may be a problem employee, a boss whoís a jerk, or a family member.


Itís crucial to your health, happiness, and overall well being to spend as much time as possible around High Quality People (HQP).


Nowhere is this more important than when youíre at a point in your life when your self-confidence is waning. If youíre fortunate, you married an HQP that provides the  encouragement and reassurance you need when you canít find these within yourself. (If youíre not married and are looking, this quality should be near the top of your list.)


If you made the mistake of making a Life Sucker your Life Partner, itís even more crucial to surround yourself with people who support you in other areas of your life.


The good news is that you donít necessarily have to find new friends, employees, family, or coworkers to do this. If you have people in your life who are HQPís but arenít as supportive as you need them to be, teach them how to do it.


You don't even need a particularly close relationship for their support to help.


I constantly work with executives whoíve lost their jobs and see their self-confidence unravel within about six months. Despite many calls and emails, the thing that matters most is when I send a four word text message: ďI believe in you!Ē


So how do you teach other people to be more encouraging? The same way you teach anything else - you lead by example. Become the kind of HQP that constantly encourages and lifts others up, and youíll start attracting and developing more of the same in your circle of influence.


To Your Success,


Glenn Shepard





P.S.  For those that have no one in their lives to say this and need to hear it, I'll say it for you - "I believe in you". The fact that you take a few minutes per week to read this newsletter, with the stated mission of "Helping you get ahead at work and in life" at the top of every issue for nearly 10 years, says you're the kind of person who makes the effort to grow and learn on a constant basis. That's the kind of people I believe in, because that's the kind of people who win.

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