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The Ever Ready Bunnyís ďDark Secret Ē


Author:   Glenn Shepard
Date:   April 8, 2014
Category:   Hiring and Marketing




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Danville, KY April 10
Elizabethtown, KY April 11
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Dear Glenn,


My company is in total agreement with you on checking out job applicants on Facebook and running credit reports.

   My boss wants me to ask if you know a way of telling if someone is honest in a job interview. We have a history of hiring pathological liars here :(


- Rhonda in Fenwick Island, DE


Dear Rhonda,


There are "integrity tests" that are available. I haven't used one personally, but have had several seminar attendees that use a special integrity test on existing employees when deciding who to consider for promotion.

      They'll intentionally cut their payroll check for substantially more than it's supposed to be, and see if it gets reported.

      Thanks for your question.


- Glenn in Nashville, TN

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The most disastrous mistake Iíve made in 26 years in business was hiring the wrong marketing people.


I paid more to graphic artists, radio and television stations, billboard companies, newspapers, list brokers, media buyers, printers, websites, and ad agencies than I paid for my house, and got little in return.


Itís not that all these people were being deceptive. Itís that most of them didnít know what they didnít know. I didnít even know.


I wrongly assumed that just because somebody worked in marketing, they understood marketing. This is as logical as paying a receptionist to give you a root canal just because sheís worked for endodontists for 20 years.


So I set out to learn enough about marketing to be able to tell if someone is actually qualified. I read countless books, attended seminars that cost up to $10,000, and listened to one CD program seven times until I could comprehend it.


I learned that what I had been paying for was mostly people who knew the medium (methods for delivering the message), but were not trained on how to craft the message.


What I needed was a copywriter. These are wordsmiths that are highly trained on how to say things in a way that gets people to respond.


They're not the right brained artistic types. The best are left brained and obsessively methodical. For example, Google AdWords expert Perry Marshall (who is a former engineer) tells the story of a headline that read:


How to Get a Book Published Fast!


By adding one punctuation mark, he increased the click through rate by 8% (which is huge). The way to scientifically test advertising is to use an ďA-B splitĒ, where two ads are run simultaneously and the results are carefully measured. This principle is so powerful that it made Google the second most valuable company in the world.


No matter what kind of business youíre in, marketing has to be measured in numbers. Just because an ad is memorable doesnít mean it works.


One famous example is the Taco Bell talking Chihuahua. It was so popular that ďDrop the chalupa!" became a part of pop culture. But it is reported that Taco Bell suffered the largest sales drop in its history while this ad was running.


Another example is the pink fuzzy bunny that marches around beating a drum. One survey found that half of the respondents called it the Ever Ready Bunny, not the Energizer Bunny.


If youíre thinking about hiring a so called marketing expert, here are a few questions to ask to see if they really know marketing, or just happen to work in the industry.


1. Whatís the most powerful tool in marketing and why?


2. Which is better, a complied or a response list?


3. What is Flagging?


4. What's the most read part of any letter?


Today I spend over $400,000 a year on marketing to fill the seats in my seminars, and still hire outside people. (Just as a lawyer who has himself as a client is a fool, so is a marketer. You are not your customer.)


But now, I make darn sure the people I use REALLY know what theyíre doing.



To Your Success,





Glenn Shepard




P.S. The 8% increase came when the Google AdWords ad was changed to

How to Get a Book Published, Fast!


P.P.S. The most powerful tool in marketing is testimonials because people believe what others say about your product more than what you say about it. This is why Amazon uses customer ratings to sell everything.


P.P.P.S. A response list will usually out pull a compiled list by about 10 to 1.


P.P.P.P.S. Flagging is identifying who the target audience is, at the beginning of the ad. Example: "Arthritis sufferers, would you like to eliminate the pain..."


P.P.P.P.P.S. If you're reading this, you already know what the most read part of any letter is - the P.S.





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