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“There's Something About Mary


by Glenn Shepard

December 16, 2014

Category:  Leadership




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Mary Victor of BBBS; Shannon Truax of McKie Ford Lincoln, and Linda Rabe, President of the Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Congratulations to Mary Victor, recipient of the 2014 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award.


Mary is the executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Black Hills in Rapid City, SD.


She was nominated by Shannon Truax of McKie Ford Lincoln. The following is an excerpt from her submission:



Mary exemplifies women in leadership, and teaches leadership by example.


She seeks out people on their level, so she can help raise them to the next level.


She freely shares her experience and knowledge with everyone and has spent her life helping women and families.


She serves on the committee which created a local program called the Women’s Community Leadership Initiative. When grant funding ran out, she stepped up and offered to run the program under BBBS and helped utilize resources to generate community support through donations to continue funding this exceptional program.


She helped implement an increased level of support by matching professional women from within the community as personal mentors for each woman who successfully completes the WCLI training.  She then walked her talk, by matching herself with a graduate.


I have personally benefitted from her leadership in many ways. As a single parent, I am grateful to the support of BBBS in matching my children with mentors who continue to encourage and support them, creating a lifelong bond with their “Bigs”.


As a graduate of WCLI program, I have a personal appreciation for the lives she has enriched through her efforts to make that program a success. Recently I was able to put that training and guidance into practice when I was asked to return to WCLI as a presenter and mentor. 


Mary retired from her position as Executive Director of BBBS in November 2014, although she will continue her volunteer work with WCLI. She is leaving behind a legacy of caring, compassion and accomplishment.




We salute Mary, who epitomizes the leadership qualities of vision, inspiring others, grooming more leaders, and leading by example, just to name a few. We also salute Shannon Truax for writing such a great submission.



To Your Success,



Glenn Shepard




P.S. For those who missed the pun, "There's Something About Mary" was the title of a movie starring Carmen Diaz and Ben Stiller.


P.S.S. The apostrophe will not appear in "There's" in the headline for some recipients of this newsletter. This is a technical problem one of the three email service providers we use has with special characters, and is a perfect example of how every job looks so much easier from the outside looking in :-)




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