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If You Know Someone Who's  Spoiled & Ungrateful, Read This ...


by Glenn Shepard

December 23, 2014

Category:  Inspiration




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There are two things I can't stand:


1.  Ungrateful people

2.  People who take freely but give nothing


The fact that most of the human species falls into one or both categories explains why I like dogs better than people.


It also explains why I believe so strongly in acknowledging people who don't fall into either.


So for Christmas, I'd like to share a special story about a special young woman named Erica.


When my beautiful bride asked what I wanted for my birthday last October, I answered "For people to quit being so selfish. I'm sick of it!"


Though my answer was tongue in cheek, she emailed my subscribers and asked them to Pay It Forward by performing a random act of kindness for a stranger on my birthday.


It didn't go so well. The responses were great, but few and far between.


Then we heard from Erica Woodbury in Huron, SD. In honor of my 51st birthday, she performed 51 acts of kindness for random people, mostly strangers. Here are a few:



#12 - Left some coins at a self car wash with a note that read "It's a beautiful day for a car wash, enjoy one on me"


#14 -  Took donuts to the police station, fire station and national guards


#17 -  Left some farm fresh eggs for my pastor and a note thanking him for all he does


#18 -  Gave a gift certificate for a massage to a daycare provider to give to a mom who could use it


#21 - Left pencils at the school for a teacher who could use them, with a note that said thanks


#23 - Left a color book and crayons at a clinic for kids


#28 -  Paid for someone behind me at the fast food drive through


#30 -  Adopted a soldier and sent a care package


#34 - Made care packages for domestic violence shelters


#37 - Sent care package to farmer in need of encouragement during a challenging harvest


#43 - Sent an old dress to a lady who makes angel gowns out of them for babies who never make it home from the hospital



Nearly everyone SAYS they want to make a difference in the world, but few actually DO something to make it happen. Erica did, and we honored her with the first ever Glenn Shepard Pay It Forward Award.


It still seems like society is going to Hell in a hand basket when I see nonstop stories of child molestation, murder, rape and mass killings in the news, and I worry about what kind of a world we're leaving for the next generation.


If you've ever felt the same, I hope this story brings you hope that at least in some parts, there's still peace on earth and goodwill towards men.



Merry Christmas from Nashville, Tennessee,




Glenn Shepard




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