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The 11th Richest Man in America’s Secret to Staying Young


by Glenn Shepard

January 6, 2015

Category:  Self Improvement



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I left one Hidden Cash Nashville envelope in front of the fountains at the Bellagio when my beautiful bride ran the Las Vegas Marathon.


In 2013, I committed to finish most of my bucket list, and did.


That included flying a jetpack in Key West, seeing Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, visiting the Cadillac Ranch in Texas, seeing my books at the Library of Congress in Washington, jumping off of the top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, and seeing Jay Leno on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles.


It was the year I turned 50 and I did everything I wanted to do, as I believe everyone should do on years they reach an age that ends with a zero.


In 2014, I committed to spend the year serving others in as many ways as possible, and did. I strongly believe Rick Warren, author of my favorite book, The Purpose Driven Life, when he said the best way to serve God is to serve others.


In February, we went to Indiana to throw a 90th birthday party for a family friend.  In March, we visited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis and made the biggest donation we’ve ever made.


In May, I was able to reach out to some personal connections in the music business and get George Swift, president of the Lake Charles, LA Chamber of Commerce, inside the historic Capitol Records building in Hollywood. (That was on his bucket list).


Later that month, I saw a story about Jason Buzi, a San Francisco philanthropist who hid money in different locations and sent out clues to the locations by social media. I brought the idea to Nashville and gave away a red envelope containing between $20 and $200 to strangers every week for the rest of the year. (Go to to see).


In October, I launched a Pay It Forward movement to urge people to perform a random act of kindness for a stranger on their birthdays.


And all of this while coaching countless people in their job searches.


While 2013 was about me and 2014 was about serving others, the years had one thing in common -- they were both spent with purpose, on purpose.


This year will be all about creating new audio and video programs. I just bought a recording studio and am using musicians and contractors who’ve worked with everyone from the Alan Parsons Project to Allison Kraus and Ray Stevens to remodel it. It’s the largest, most expensive, and most consuming project I’ve ever undertaken. I've been on site almost non stop for the last month, with 31 workers coming and going at different times. Two even worked on New Year's Day.


Only time will tell if this move was sheer genius, or sheer stupidity. Regardless of how it turns out, my work is clearly cut out for me in 2015.


In Stephen Covey’s timeless masterpiece, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit #2 was “Begin with the End in Mind”.


That may very well be the best piece of advice anyone has ever given.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, the 11th richest person in the U.S., begins each new year by giving himself a new challenge.


Past challenges included writing a thank you note every day, meeting someone new every day, and wearing a tie every day for a year. For 2015, he's committed to reading a new book every other week.


He understands that the secret to staying young and being successful is to begin every year with a purpose.


Regardless of whether 2015 is the year you plan to change the world, or the year you plan to do nothing but relax, do it with purpose, on purpose. Then when December rolls around, you won't be like most people, who'll be wondering where the year went.



To Your Success in 2015,




Glenn Shepard




P.S. For true music aficionados: Alan Parsons is known to many as a recording artist with hits including “I Wouldn’t Want to be Like You” and “Games People Play”. But inside the music industry, he’s known as a brilliant sound engineer whose credits include the Beatles' “Abbey Road” album and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”.




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