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Do You Suffer from BMS?  


by Glenn Shepard

February 3, 2015

Category:  Management





Portland, TN

Feb 3

Nashville, TN

Feb 10


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Hi Glenn,


I loved (last week's) article but since you encourage not tolerating things – somebody really messed up the apostrophes in your article.


Kim in Kentucky



Hi Kim


Good observation. I love your comment, because it's a great example of how even simple tasks can be so much more complex that appear from the outside looking in.

     The missing apostrophes are  a technical problem one of the three companies we use to send this newsletter has with special characters. The problem for our IT person is that it's not consistent, and their IT people can't tell us why. Currently new subscribers go into one service for 90 days, and are then moved to another after that.

    We're now consolidating to a  fourth service (Infusionsoft), which I hope will solve the problem with special characters, as well as the bigger problem of staying white listed with all the ISP's in the U.S. and 23 other countries in which we have subscribers. (That alone is almost a full time job for our IT person).  

      Thanks for your comment, and for paying attention.


Glenn in Nashville, TN


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The toll that work related stress can take on you cannot be overstated.


For example, the suicide rate of doctors is more than twice that of the general population. Female doctors are 4 times as likely to kill themselves as the general female population.


While managers don't have such morbid statistics, people who've never been in management don't realize how stressful it is.


The owner of a credit bureau in Louisiana told me the price he paid was quadruple bypass surgery.


A manager in Knoxville, Tennessee, told me she suffered two nervous breakdowns from work related stress.


It seems like there's a syndrome for everything these days, from HWS (Hurried Woman Syndrome) to IMS (Irritable Male Syndrome).


But there's nothing in the DSM  (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) for the stress that comes with being a manager.


So I labeled it BMS (Battered Manager Syndrome).


Symptoms include:



- Secretly celebrating when a certain employee calls out sick


- Feeling more like a babysitter than the boss


- Feeling like you work for your employees instead of the other way around


- Anxiety when the weekend is over


- Feeling like you’re always fighting a losing battle


- Resentment of people's entitlement mentality and lack of gratitude



If any of these sound familiar. Dr. Glenn has a prescription that will start you on your road to recovery, miraculously fast.


Go home tonight and plan a vacation.


Even if you don't have a specific date in mind, you'll start benfiting immediately. Studies have shown the benefit of “Vacation Anticipation” lasts 4 times as long as the post-vacation increase in happiness.


You owe it to yourself to do this.


You also owe it to your spouse, especially if pillow talk has turned into you telling him or her about what an idiot you have working for you.


You also owe it to your company and your customers.


Burnout, stress, and overwork don't make you a better manager. They just make you burned out, stressed out, and overworked.




To Your Success ,



Glenn Shepard




P.S. If you can answer this question, you have BMS: "Whose name and face popped into your mind when you read about secretly celebrating when a certain employee calls out sick?"





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