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Nominations for the 2015 Leadership Award Open


by Glenn Shepard
July 14, 2015
Category:  Management


Huron, SD July 15
North Platte, NE July 28
Kearney, NE July 29

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This year's winner will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ($1,949 retail value) in addition to the award.

The timeline:

9/1/15: Deadline for nominations

9/14/15: Judges will narrow down nominations to 21 finalists. Each will receive a certificate of recognition.

9/30/15: Winner will be selected. The winner be announced after arrangements have been made for the presentation, and for local media to cover the event.

How to Submit a Nomination

In less than 400 words, tell us:

1. How has the nominee demonstrated leadership by doing what others havenít?

2. Who has benefitted from their leadership?

3. What have some of those benefits been?

Be sure to include:

A. Your nominee's name, company, and location.

B. Your name, company, location, and phone number and direct email address so we can contact you if your nominee wins.

Click here to send your nomination. To ensure that your submission is not blocked by spam filters, do not include any attachments (including Word or PDF files) with your email.

Rules for Submitting Nominations

Anyone is welcome to submit a nomination, even if you have submitted nominations in the past.

Past winners are not eligible to win again, but past nominees can be submitted again.

Past finalists can also be submitted again.

You may nominate one of your employees, your boss, a customer, a family member, a board member, or anyone else in your community.

Past nominees have come from virtually every profession, including small business owners, police chiefs, politicians, teachers, students, doctors, sales reps, retirees, soldiers, directors of non-profits, and even a manager with the New York Yankees.

However, one does not have to be in a formal leadership postion. They simply have to exhibit the leadership skills that exemplify the principles this award was created to recognize.

Good Luck!

P.S. To view past winners, click here.