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The 2015 Leadership Award Winner


by Glenn Shepard
December 15, 2015
Category:  Leadership


Tom Jurich (L) being presented with the 2015 Glenn Shepard Leadership award by Jack Sauers (R)

Each year, we recognize someone for being a role model for excellence in leadership.

Nominations come from public, private, and government organizations all over the world.

Those submitting nominations are asked to explain how the nominee has met three crucial criteria of leadership:  

1. How has the nominee demonstrated leadership by doing what others have not?

2. Who has benefitted from his or her leadership?

3. What have some of those benefits been?  

Congratulations to University of Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich, who won the sixth annual Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award.  

Tom was nominated by Jack Sauers, GM of the University of Louisville Golf Club.

The following is an excerpt from Jack’s submission:    

“The most difficult part will be reducing the contributions and accomplishments of our boss on paper. He came to the University of Louisville in October of 1997 after serving as Athletic Director at Northern Arizona University and then Colorado State University. His upgrades of all facilities for both men and women have transformed the landscape of downtown Louisville.   His reputation around the area is beyond reproach and explains why he is the second highest paid Athletic Director in the country. He is a coach’s best friend. He supports his players, but stands firmly behind his coaches and gives them the opportunity to succeed.   So many have benefited from his leadership including but not limited to the following:  

• The City of Louisville
• The Commonweatlh (state) of Kentucky
• Jefferson County, KY
• The University Athletic Department
• The University of Louisville
• The Alumni and other Cardinal Sports Fans
• All area hospitality businesses 

The growth of Cardinal athletics has led to more recognition for the school, city and state. Through his equal focus on both women’s and men’s athletics there has been a growth in athletic participation in all sports. Recently, the University of Louisville was named in the top 3 of all NCAA Division 1 athletics. This is an ultimate measure of the success of our leader.”  

Congratulations to Tom on this well-deserved honor, and to Jack for writing such an excellent nomination.  

In addition to the actual trophy, Tom received a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to commemorate his achievement.

To Your Success,

P.S. Nominations for the 2016 award will open soon. As we wrap up 2015, now is the perfect time to start thinking about who you’d like to nominate.

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