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In Order to Have a Job You Love, You Have to Do Things You Hate


by Glenn Shepard
January 12, 2016
Category:  Careers


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Dear Glenn,

I attended your seminar in New York and you addressed the issue of employees not willing to sign disciplinary letters. You recommended that a statement be written that states the signature does not represent agreement of the counseling. Can you recommend what that statement should say?

Eileen in Kingston, NY

Dear Eileen,

Here’s some standard boilerplate copy. Have your company’s lawyer review it in case he or she wants to tweak the wording:

“Signature merely acknowledges receipt of this notice and does not imply agreement with it.”

Thanks for your question.

- Glenn in Nashville, TN

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This year marks the tenth anniversary of my first #1 Best Seller (click here for pics).

So far, I’ve written 6 books, 13 video programs, over 300 audio CDs, and over 500 articles.

None of which is particularly noteworthy except for one fact:

I HATE writing.

I’ve come to accept being called an author because technically I am one. About once a month, someone will ask me to autograph one of my books they bought at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. I get that part, and admit it’s gratifying (and more humbling than you know).

But whenever someone calls me a writer, I correct them. To me, writers are people who enjoy writing.

I’d rather have a root canal without anesthesia than write another book, or record another program (aka Product Creation).

The only thing I hate as much as writing is marketing. People who’ve never done it think it sounds fun, but it gets extremely boring and monotonous.

For speakers trying to book speaking engagements, it means “smiling and dialing”. For seminars, it’s analyzing response rates, setting up A-B splits, reviewing selection criteria for mailing lists, rewriting ad copy, etc.

Yet I spend 90% of my time on marketing and product creation.


Because I love what I get to do the other 10% of the time – speak. I love meeting people, hearing their stories, energizing live audiences, and helping people.

If I didn’t do the stuff I HATE doing, I wouldn’t get to do the stuff I LOVE doing. I’ve met hundreds of speakers who haven’t reached the level of success they want. Without exception, they’re not spending enough time on marketing and product creation. They want to skip the cruddy parts of the job and just do the fun parts.

They don’t understand that every job requires doing the cruddy stuff in order to get to the good stuff.

My E.N.T. doctor loves what he does so much that he has pictures of Reba McEntire and Vince Gill’s vocal chords in his office. He hates paperwork, but spends more time on paperwork than seeing patients. As he put it, “Taking care of patients is the easy part. But if I make one mistake on the paperwork, I’ll be making my lawyer’s house payments for the next two years”.

And speaking of lawyers, it’s no different for them.

Being a legal eagle in the courtroom is great. It’s the countless hours of boring depositions, research, and paperwork that take up 90% of their time.

No matter what field you’re in, you have to do the parts of the job you hate in order do the parts you love.

To Your Success,

P.S. We’re in the final stages of seven months of production of a tenth anniversary DVD edition of the #1 best seller from 2006, "How to be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without". It contains over 20,000 separate audio and video files, which makes that root canal even more preferable right about now.

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