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Why I Hate February 1st


by Glenn Shepard
January 26, 2016
Category:  Success



Gallatin, TN Feb 2
Scottsboro, AL Feb 5
Carrollton, GA Feb 16
Hannibal, MO Mar 1
Poplar Bluff, MO Mar 2
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Dear Glenn,

Reading last weekís issue made me think of the article you wrote a few years ago about the magic bullet and trying to get a job. I bought all three of my daughters one of those red wax seals. Two have used it to get jobs. While they didnít write to the CEO, they hand delivered a resume in a sealed envelope with the red wax seal to the head of HR.
One used your advice (which I gave her) to go to the best hospital where she lives and apply for the Speech Therapist job, even though there was not a job opening. But you were right, there was job opening. They interviewed her for 2 hours that day, and 3 days later she had the job. So yes, you can work, if you really want to. But you have to look and act different than the other 99% of the people out there.

Thanks for the good advice.

C. Alan Hutchins
President & CEO
A&A Machine & Fabrication, LLC
La Marque, TX

P.S. I still have the letter you sent me a few years ago with your red wax seal.

Dear Alan,

Thank you for sharing this! I guarantee youíve just inspired other parents to talk to their kids about this. Itís unfortunate that so many schools teach job skills that can be used once someone gets a job, but few really teach students how to find jobs, and smoke the competition to get hired in the competitive job market. All those Participation Trophies have conditioned an entire generation to expect to be rewarded for mere participation instead of actual achievement.

- Glenn in Nashville, TN

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I loooooooove New Yearís Day so much that I got married on New Yearís Day in 2008.  (Click here if you missed it).

New Yearís Day is a time for a fresh start, and the one day of the year everyone is focused on self-improvement.

But over and over and over and over and over again, studies find that 90% of people who make New Yearís Resolutions donít keep them Ė and half of those fail by January 31st.

The man who resolved to be a better husband goes right back to doing everything he can to screw up his marriage. The gyms that were packed the first week of January are empty again. And the list goes on.

Keeping New Yearís Resolutions is about something MUCH bigger than self improvement.

It's about integrity.

Commitments are commitments only when you have the integrity to keep them. Making commitments you know darn well you wonít keep makes you a big, fat liar. This sends the message to others not to believe what you say, which will result in them not respecting you.

If you want other people to respect you, you have to start by respecting yourself.

Just as you canít tell your kids to say no to drugs while youíre smoking pot, you canít teach them to tell the truth while you start out every year by lying.

If you've already defaulted on your New Year's Resolutions, youíre normal.

The bad news is that normal means spending a lifetime mired in mediocrity, and I refuse to believe that God put anyone on this earth to be mediocre.

The good news is that the most important day of the year isn't January 1st; it's February 1st.

Part of me hates February 1st because itís a stark reminder that the New Year isnít so new anymore. But itís the most important day of the year because itís the one that separates the doers from the talkers.

You still have 11 months left in 2016 to become part of the elite 10% that have the integrity to keep the promises they made on January 1st.

If you already dropped the ball on your New Yearís Resolution, say this out loud right now:

ďI respect myself enough to keep the promises I make to myself.Ē

To Your Success,

If you donít have a truly awesome New Yearís Resolution, I HIGHLY recommend taking the ďBetter People PledgeĒ from the 12/29/15 issue of this newsletter. (Click here if you missed it).

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