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Don't Let Sore Losers Try to Make You Feel Guilty for Being Successful
by Glenn Shepard
March 15, 2016

Category:  Management & Success

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Henderson, KY Mar 15

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Dear Glenn,

In my business (construction) I am purposely moving from blue-collar to white-collar in order to more effectively run my business. What can I do to hasten this process, be more effective and still maintain respect from my employees?

Natalie in California

Dear Natalie,

As with any time you move into a new management position, meet with each employee individually to get the lay of the land. Then meet with everyone as a group, and let them know what you will expect from them, as well as what they can expect from you. Don’t come on too strong with the old “There’s a new Sheriff in town and I’m not going to put up with any monkey business” approach, because it will incite a mutiny before you even get started. But do let people know that you will be Firm, but Fair and Consistent; and that you’ll always be professional and will expect the same from them.

Good luck in your transition and thanks for your question.

Glenn in Nashville, TN

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What you say about others says more about you than about them.

Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to money and success.

When secure people see others succeed, they say things like “Good for them! They deserve it.”

When insecure people see others succeed, they prove that misery loves company by raining on other people’s parade.

The wife of one of my Gold Inner Circle members once surprised him with a birthday trip to Las Vegas. Just before they left, one of his employees whined, “He gets to run off to Vegas and we don’t even get a raise”.

He didn’t have time to confront the employee before the trip, and that nagging thought of “Should I feel guilty?” took away much of the pleasure of the trip.

All successful people – especially business owners – struggle with this. They work so hard to become successful. Then when they reap the fruits of their labor, there’s always someone who tries to make them feel guilty.

Guilt is the appropriate emotion to feel when you’ve done something wrong. But there’s nothing wrong with reaping benefits of hard work.

People who haven’t succeeded often think that those who have must have done it at the expense of those who haven’t, OR must have done something sinister to get ahead.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

In The Millionaire Next Door, Dr. Tom Stanley reported that the most common trait of self-made millionaires is integrity. While there are crooks like Bernie Madoff, they’re the exception to the rule.

Instinctively categorizing everyone who has succeeded as dishonest is just as stupid as characterizing all cops as racist or all ministers as pedophiles just because of a few bad apples, or all members of the opposite s*x as schmucks just because your ex was a schmuck.

We live in modern times when we’re not supposed to stereotype and judge people based on their skin color, religion, etc.

Yet prejudice against successful people is one prejudice that society allows to go unchecked.

No matter how fair and generous you are, there’ll always be those who think you owe them something.

If you earned it, then enjoy it!

Don’t let envious people manipulate you into feeling guilt when what you should be feeling is pride of accomplishment.


To Your Success



Glenn Shepard



P.S. As long as you’ve achieved success honestly and have stayed true to your values, you have nothing to feel guilty about. If you’ve ever struggled with this misplaced guilt, make this your new mantra: “I will no longer try to live up to everyone else’s standards. I will live up to my own”.


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