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What Advice Would You Give Yourself If You Could Go Back in Time to When You Were 17?
by Glenn Shepard
April 5, 2016

Category:  Personal and Professional Development



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Dear Glenn,

How do you deal with working in a family business that has too many chiefs, because your father gave it to you? Iím having a difficult time with one family member. I canít bear working with him and don't know how to leave this job and move on. I am comfortable with my pay and don't want to start over, yet I can't deal with a family member that thinks he has dogs running a part of his business while he does nothing but aggravate other employees.

Kathy in Michigan

Dear Kathy,

   Move on! You are not obligated to work in a family business just because your father gave it to you. He gave you life, but your dreams and wishes in life must be your own.
   Your greatest obligation to him, and the best way you can honor him, is to make the most out of the life he gave you. Listen to the line "All my life I've been pleasing everyone but me, waking up in someone else's dream" in the Faith Hill song Someone Else's Dream. And to the line ďSo often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the keyĒ in the Eaglesí song Already Gone.
   I donít know what God put you on this earth to do, but it was not to live someone elseís dream. Go find out what it is.
  Thanks for your question and good luck.

Glenn in Nashville, TN
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In "Letter to Me", country music superstar Brad Paisley sang about what he'd tell himself if he could go back in time to when he was 17.

My favorite part was this line about a teacher:

ďYou should really thank Mrs. Bringman,
She spent so much extra time.
It's like she sees the diamond underneath,
And she's polishing you till you shine.Ē

If I thereís one piece of advice I could etch into the brain of every person on earth, it would be this:

The quality of your life will always be in direct proportion to the quality of the people in your life, so be very, very, very selective about the people you surround yourself with.

It sounds so simple, but most people make very little effort to seek out what I call HQPís (High Quality People), and even less effort to distance themselves from the negative influences.

This is bad enough, but what makes it even worse is the fact that most people have more negative influences in their lives than positive influences.

If you donít believe me, conduct this HQP Test:

1. Name everyone you know who can light up a room by simply walking in to it.

2. Name everyone you know who can suck the life out of a room by simply walking in to it.

If youíre like most people, you named more people in Category 2 than Category 1.

You know exactly who Iím talking about. The person who complains about everything, criticizes and puts everyone down, and could find a way to screw up a free lunch.

But itís not just a matter of people having negative attitudes. Itís also about friends and relatives who you only hear from when they want something, or to tell you who died. They never reach out just to see how youíre doing, or just to say hello.

Itís about the ungrateful boss, employee, or spouse who never thanks or acknowledges how far above and beyond you go in doing what you do for them.

Even if you donít know a single person, youíre constantly bombarded with negativity on TV and online. Studies have found that the average child receives 432 negative messages per day and only 32 positive ones.

In the December 29, 2015 issue of the column, I wrote that if you want to have a better quality of life on 12/31/16 than you had on 1/1/16, you should take the ďBetter People PledgeĒ.

So now that 2016 is ľ gone, I have one burning question for you...

Is your quality of life better now than it was 3 months ago???

If it isnít, answer these two follow up questions:

1. How proactive have you been about finding more HQPs since Jan 1?

2. How proactive have you been about distancing yourself from negative influences since Jan 1?

No matter what your answers are, the good news is that ĺ of 2016 is still left. Make it count.


To Your Success,



Glenn Shepard


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