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Would You Refuse to Hire Someone Because of How They Treat Their Spouse?
by Glenn Shepard
April 19, 2016

Category:  Management



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Dear Glenn,

     A former employee failed a drug test and said she wanted to quit because if other employees found out, she'd be embarrassed. We filled out a final release form stating why she wanted to quit and she signed it.
     She then filed for unemployment benefits. We explained why she left and the unemployment office said the paperwork was insufficient.
     What would you do, ask her to come back to work, or what?

- Mitchell in Georgia

Dear Mitchell,

     Many years ago, I was on the long list to serve as U.S. Secretary of Labor. It’s probably a good thing I was never appointed, because the President would have asked me to step down after I drew national attention to the abuse of unemployment benefits.
     There are people who get jobs with the goal getting fired. One website that teaches people how to do this says “The idea here is to make your workplace uncomfortable without alerting your employer that you're doing it on purpose”. It lists “Do just enough to scrape by” and “Work very, very slowly” among its suggestions.
     In THEORY, U.I. benefits are supposed to be paid only when employees lose their job through no fault of their own.
     In the REAL WORLD, I’ve seen people get fired for everything from assault to embezzlement and get rewarded with U.I. benefits.
     Your wage base for SUTA (the payroll tax employers pay for unemployment benefits) in Georgia is $9,500, which is low  compared to states that top $44,000.
     It won’t cost you a fortune if you want to let it go because it’s not worth your time. But if you want to fight it on principle, I wouldn’t fault you for that either. I've done it myself, and know how good it feels when justice prevails.
     Thanks for your question.

- Glenn in Nashville, TN
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Anybody with half a brain knows that reality TV isn’t real.

But because the idea of finding true love and living happily ever after by winning a contest is so appealing, people still live vicariously through shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

These shows illustrate how people work to win the “prize”, but the implication is that the work is over once the marriage begins.

A successful marriage requires work. And no matter how hard one person works at it, the marriage won’t work if both people don’t work at it.

When I talk about my wife in this column or on my monthly Gold CDs, I always refer to her as my Beautiful Bride.

When we got married, she pointed out that my initials are MGS and that as Mrs. Glenn Shepard; her initials would also be MGS. So I began referring to her as MGS1 and myself MGS2, because I believe that love means putting the other person first. The tag on my van reads MGS2, and I have a bumper sticker that reads “I Love My Wife”.

Sometimes women will say to her “I wish my husband treated me that way”. But I’ve seen how some of them behave around their husbands. They’re self-centered, disrespect and emasculate their husbands, and do nothing to make him feel special. Then they wonder why their husbands don’t treat them like a queen.

Just as with any other relationship, you get out of a marriage what you put into it.

On our wedding anniversary this year (January 1st), my Beautiful Bride committed to write one love note on a Post It every day for 2016, and put it in a different place for me to find every day.

She’s a great wife because she values our marriage, and works hard to make our marriage successful. She’s also a great employee, because she works hard at making the business successful. Although these are separate parts of life, I strongly believe there’s a correlation between the two.

Many years ago I learned about a hiring technique of taking a job applicant and their spouse to dinner before making an offer, to see how they treat their spouse. The theory is that someone who’s disrespectful to their spouse will also be disrespectful to their coworkers, and won’t be a good team player.

For that reason, I’ve always refused to hire people who publicly berate and disrespect their spouses, no matter how good their resume looks.


To Your Success,



Glenn Shepard


P.S. My Beautiful Bride set up a Facebook page to share some of the love notes for others to use. It’s at

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