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Would You Allow Your Employees to Take Naps?
by Glenn Shepard
May 10, 2016

Category:  Taking Care of Yourself



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Dear Glenn,

What strategies can you use when a boss (who doesn't take kindly to assertive women) allows an attractive female employee to always have her way?

Katie in Adelaide, Australia

Dear Katie,

     Itís unfortunate that the scenario you described happens so often, and itís not even limited to male supervisors. Studies have found that female supervisors can also be partial to young, attractive female subordinates, presumably because they see them as a sort of protťgť and want to take them under their wing.
      Studies have also found that while clear evidence of partiality is there, the supervisors often donít realize how partial they are until confronted with hard facts.
      Start by keeping a journal and documenting SPECIFICS. Once you have a list of incidents that no one could justify, then bring it to your superior(s), while being VERY careful that he or they donít retaliate against you.
     Thanks for your question and good luck.

- Glenn in Nashville, TN, USA
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According to a recent Gallup Poll, 40% of Americans get less than the necessary amount of sleep.

Less than 7 hours per night can have disastrous consequences.  

A sleep specialist at Cornell University says 100,000 car crashes per year are related to driver fatigue, of which sleep deprivation is a major cause.  

Dr. Mark Rosekind, a former sleep researcher at NASA, says that  losing two hours of sleep can impair your performance as much as 2 to 3 beers.  

The National Institutes of Health report that sleep improves learning and problem solving skills, and helps you pay attention, make decisions, and be more creative. They also report that lack of sleep has been linked to depression and suicide.  

So what's the solution?  

One that Dr. Rosekind suggested was napping. Some of the most creative people in history were nappers, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Sir Winston Churchill.  

In an experiment where pilots on long distance routes took short naps, their performance increased by 26% and their alertness increased by 54%.  

But there's also a science to napping.   Dr. Rosekind says that 20 to 40 minutes is enough to revitalize you. But after 40 minutes, you fall into a deeper sleep mode, and could actually wake up feeling groggier unless you complete the sleep cycle of 2 hours.  

While companies such as Ben & Jerryís, Uber, Google, and PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) allow their employees tot take naps, thatís not realistic in most businesses.  

And you certainly can't make your employees get more sleep at night, but can at least share this article with them.

To Your Success Öand Health,

Glenn Shepard
Glenn Shepard


P.S. I can also tell you from my own experience that Iím 52, and people guess me to be 35 to 40. When they ask what my secret is, I tell them itís getting plenty of sleep every night. (And Grecian Formula for Men). 

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