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Why Do Whiners Whine? 


by Glenn Shepard
August 23, 2016
Category:  Management



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Have you ever wondered why whiners whine?

At work, they kill productivity morale faster than a speeding bullet. At home, whiners who constantly deluge spouses with negative comments speed marriages towards divorce.

Why isnít there some medication doctors can prescribe to cure them of their disease?

Surely psychiatrists could develop a 12-step program for whining and its many addicts. Or at least isolate why some people are unable to see the good about anything, situation, or person.

So what causes whining, and how can this foul evil be defeated?

Whining boils down to constantly complaining, which comes from how a person sees the world. You can see any person, thing, or situation like the proverbial glass of water: Is it half-empty or half-full?

People with confidence have larger goals that make constantly complaining a waste of time and an unnecessary distraction. While they may not like the situation, the more confident they are, the less likely they are to be intimidated by it.

Lack of self-confidence is a common trait in whiners.

Feeling powerless to do anything to change the situation, they resort to whining because it gives them some degree of perceived control about the problem or situation that they donít like.

Unfortunately, whiners donít see their whining as anything other than them giving their opinion. Theyíd rather complain about a situation than resolve it. This is why whining is ultimately about avoidance.

And the best solution is forcing people to face the hard truth.

Of course, they won't like hearing it and will often blame YOU, the messenger, for the message. But if you remain silent around the whiners in your life, you'll continue to suffer in silent agony, and eventually you'll become one of them.

To Your Success,


Glenn Shepard

P.S. If youíre wondering how to get whiners to face the truth, start by having them read this article.

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