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Would Your Spouse Have Married You If They Knew They Were Also Marrying Your Career?


by Glenn Shepard
September 27, 2016
Category:  Careers and Success



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“I married a fantasy that didn’t exist”. Divorce lawyers hear that all the time.

I was lucky because I outkicked my coverage (married up). Being married to my Beautiful Bride has been even better than I expected.

I suspect, however, that being married to me has been harder than she expected. Though she’d never admit it, I’m not easy to love.

I’m gone a lot. Leaving for a 4:00 am flight on Monday and having the return flight on Thursday delayed until midnight is almost the norm.

When I’m not working, I sometimes scare her with my appetite for adrenaline. Things like sky jumping off of the Las Vegas Stratosphere or running out of oxygen while scuba diving in Mexico are exhilarating for me, but terrifying for her.

I’m a great person to have as a business ally, but a terrible enemy to have.

I’ve helped lots of people get new jobs, but also gotten plenty of people fired. As Dave Ramsey says, I never go looking for a fight. But if you start one with me, I’ll take your head off. A former business associate who made the mistake of jerking me around said I’m the epitome of why people shouldn’t confuse kindness with weakness.

My Beautiful Bride hates it when things get nasty like that, but I fight to win.

She’s as steady as a rock and as Low Maintenance as they come. No drama. No temper tantrums. No surprises.

I’m the eccentric, High Maintenance one in our marriage, and would have never married me if I were her.

Personal quirks aside, I should have warned her that when she married me, she also married my career.

I chose a career that comes with incredible highs. Having people around the country come up and ask for your autograph is gratifying. And hearing how something you said or wrote kept them from committing suicide will send shivers down your spine.

I’ll take moments like those all day long. The problem is that they’re few and far in between.

A former neighbor of ours who played for the Tennessee Titans summed it up best when he described his job as “Hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer exhilaration”.

Paramedics, police officers, and lots of other folks have described a similar story line in their jobs.

The highs are great, but then you have to come down. And NO ONE is pleasant to be around when they’re coming down.

Hard work is easy for professionals. Relaxation is what’s hard.

No matter what field you’re in, learn to work as hard at leaving your work at the office, and relaxing with your family when you’re home.

You owe it to them, and to yourself.

To Your Success,

P.S. My Beautiful Bride found the perfect way to forget EVERYTHING related to work when we’re at home – a hot tub. Many times I’ve gotten in our hot tub while in a bad mood, but have never once have I gotten out of it in a bad mood.

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