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A Misfit Named Paul
(If You Have a Son Who’s Struggling, You Need to Read This)


by Glenn Shepard
October 4, 2016
Category:  Inspiration



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A study by the University of Madeira found that employer-provided training has the same impact on job satisfaction as a 17.7% pay increase.

Paul was the result of an unplanned pregnancy by two college students.

Although he was adopted by an accountant and machinist who provided a loving home, he always felt abandoned. Once when he was seven and told a girl he was adopted, she asked if that meant his real parents didn’t want him.

He was so bored with school that his fourth grade teacher had to bribe him to study. He eventually graduated high school and enrolled in college, where he always attended class barefoot.

He got into drugs, and had a most peculiar diet. At times, he would eat nothing but apples for an entire week. Then he’d try fasting for an entire week.

Though those habits would later change, one thing that never changed was his lifelong love of music.

He dropped out of college after six months and eventually moved back in with his parents.

He applied for a job with an electronics firm, but was dressed so badly that the HR Director didn’t want to interview him. He refused to leave until they hired him.

Not sure what to do, she asked the senior engineer if she should call the police. But he agreed to talk to Paul, saw something in him, and offered him a job.

He lasted less than a week before a coworker stomped into the boss’s office, complaining that Paul was impossible to work with, and had horrible body odor because of his weird diet and the fact that he didn’t like to shower.

The boss put Paul on the night shift where he could work alone. But when he did interact with coworkers, he’d often tell people how stupid they were. He was arrogant, rude, and managed to tick off just about everyone.

He would use tactics like silence and deeply intense stares to manipulate people. He also made up “facts” so far out there that people named it his “Reality Distortion Field”. It was like he was living on another planet.

He was described as incredibly cruel, hurtful, and heartless.

He fathered a daughter while in his twenties, but refused to acknowledge she was his, even after paternity tests proved she was. For years, her mother lived on welfare.

He didn’t last long in Corporate America, and eventually started his own company. But even after he enjoyed some success, he was fired by his board of directors at age 30.

But what history will remember Paul for is how he changed your life with what he did when his company hired him back 12 years later.

That company was Apple, and you know “Paul” as Steven Paul Jobs.

He was proof that it's not how you start that counts, it's how you finish.

To Your Success,

P.S. Although Apple created Macintosh, iPods, iPhones, and iPads, their biggest game changer was iTunes. It completely changed the music industry, all because an awkward kid loved music so much that he wanted to make it easier for people buy and listen to. Steve Jobs’ proudest accomplishment was finally getting The Beatles (whom he loved) on iTunes in 2010, the year before he died.

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