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Why We Didn't Buy Kenny Rogers' House
but got the best customer service ever


by Glenn Shepard
October 11, 2016
Category: Customer Service



Decatur, AL Oct 25
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You can check out everything about a house from whether itís ever been used as a meth lab to whether someone died in it by going to websites like

When my beautiful bride and I put our house on the market four months ago, the good part was that it sold within 24 hours.

The bad part was that we had to find another house in a market where demand is high and supply is low.

After looking at dozens of properties, we had a hard time remembering which was which. She solved this problem by nicknaming houses like buyers do on HGTV.

One was Jungle House because the back yard was so overgrown that I left with bug bites on my legs.

Another was KISS House because it had so many photos of the band. (We thought the owner must be an obsessive fan, but later found out he was the band's manager.)

Another was Seventies Songwriter House because it was built in 1970 by a country music tunesmith.

We "stalked" each house online to see how much homeowner's insurance and power bills are, if any child molesters live nearby, etc., so that we could move quickly when we found the right one.

Then last week I received a strange email from Shelia, a customer service rep at our insurance agency. It read:

"Glenn, Just following up to see if I can help in your home search. I know you can't buy Earnest Hemmingway's house, but wanted to see if you're going to buy Kenny Rogers' house."

She remembered that when we bought our last house six years ago, I mentioned that my fantasy would be to own Earnest Hemmingway's house in Key West. As someone who makes a large part of my living from writing, living in the home of a such a legendary writer would be great inspiration.

But I was confused about the reference to Kenny Rogers. We didn't look at Kennyís house, and donít even think he lives in Nashville.

What I didnít know was that when my beautiful bride called to get a quote on insurance for Seventies Songwriter's House, she mentioned that the homeís first owner had written several #1 hits, and Sheila asked what some of them were. Because she was a big Kenny Rogers fan, the only one she remembered was Kennyís song "Daytime Friends and Night Time Lovers".

While Shelia confused a writer with a singer, she hit the bull's-eye dead on when it came to serving her customer. In fact, she did the most important thing you can do in customer serviceÖ

She listened to and paid attention to what matters to the customer.

No surprise, we had Seventies Songwriter's House with the guitar shaped pool under contract within 48 hours. And it's also no surprise that Sheila's agency will continue to have me as a loyal customer, as they have for nearly 30 years.

Customers will forget what you do and say, but theyíll NEVER forget how you make them feel.

Sheila remembered how much I love history and music, which made me feel like we mattered to her, and werenít just another account number.

To Your Success,

P.S. The original owner also penned "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" for Charlie Pride. He wrote it about his daughter Angela (nicknamed Angel), after his wife told him he needed to spend more time with her. We plan on inviting his widow and daughter over for a walk down memory lane, and to share more stories. If they accept our invitation, itíll be a living rendition of another country song, "The House that Built Me" by Miranda Lambert.

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