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Will You Take the “Better People Pledge” for 2017?


by Glenn Shepard
December 27, 2016
Category: Inspiration


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Exposing people to words related to achievement (win, succeed, etc.) more than doubles their willingness to keep working at an assigned task.

Source: "Pre-Suasion" by Dr. Robert Cialdini

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If there's one piece of wisdom I could impart to young adults just starting their lives, it would be this...  

"The quality of your life will always be in direct proportion to the quality of the people in your life, so be very, very selective about who you allow in your circle of influence".  

The sad reality is that most people spend more time choosing a pair of shoes than choosing friends, cohorts at work, or others that will ultimately shape who they become.  

They then take clues for what's "normal" from the worst people possible, simply because those people are in their circle of influence.

They get financial advice from broke people, marital advice from people whose marriage is more of a competition than a partnership, and life advice from people who always make bad choices and then blame everyone but themselves.  

While it’s not possible to eliminate all of the negative people in your life, you can at least limit your exposure to them – just as you limit your exposure to the sun.  

If you want to be in awe of the person you are on 12/31/17, make a resolution on 1/1/17 to surround yourself with higher quality people by taking this "Better People Pledge":    

In 2017, I will spend LESS time around people who…  

1. Never thank me when I do something for them, and MORE around those who do.

2.  Are so unprofessional that they don’t return phone calls or emails, and MORE around those who treat everyone with dignity and respect.

3. Monopolize every conversation and make it about them, and MORE around those who know when to shut up and listen.  

4. Do things I wouldn’t want my kids to do, and MORE around the kind of people I want my kids to grow up to be like.  

5. Can screw up a two car funeral, and MORE around those who can find a silver lining in the worst possible circumstances.  

6. I only hear from when they want something, and MORE around those who call, text, email or Facebook me once in a while just to say hello.  

7. Talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, and MORE around those who lead by example.  

8. Always put others down, and MORE around those who always lift others up.  

9. Are always looking for what they can get, and MORE around those always looking for how they can help.      

10. Expect everything and appreciate nothing, and MORE around those who expect nothing and appreciate everything.  

11. Are enablers that remain silent when I do self-destructive things, and MORE around those who care enough to tell me what I need to hear, even when I don’t want to hear it.  

12. Take and take and take but never do for others, and MORE around those who pay it forward.  

13. Suck the life out of the room when they walk into it, and MORE around those who make everyone’s life better just by being a part of it.  

14. Are always envious of everyone else, and MORE around those who know how to be happy for others.  

15. Are always looking for someone to bail them out of the messes they get themselves into, and MORE around those who practice self-reliance and personal discipline.

If you make and keep the Better People Pledge for 2017, I guarantee you 2017 will be so much better than 2016 that they won’t even be comparable.

To Your Success,  

Glenn Shepard

P.S. If you took the Better People Pledge last year, how well did you do at keeping it? If you let too many negative people creep into your circle of influence, ask yourself what you could have done to have prevented it - and what you'll do differently in 2017 to keep them from creeping in again.

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