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Why I Wanted to Hate Tom BradyÖ but Couldnít


by Glenn Shepard
February 7, 2017
Category: Inspiration



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J. K Rowling was turned down by 12 publishers, told her manuscript was too long, and that childrenís books donít make any money. She has now sold 450,000,000 copies of Harry Potter and its sequels, making it the best-selling book series in history.



Iím out of sync with a lot of people on this, but I never cared much for Tom Brady.

Some are silly and some are legit, but I had my reasons:

1. Iím a big fan of Peyton Manning Ė on and off the field Ė and didnít want Brady taking anything away from his legacy. I still canít believe Peyton only won two Super Bowls.

2. Brady started dating supermodel Gisele BŁndchen (now his wife) while his previous girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan (who stars in Blue Bloods), was pregnant with his child. Thousands of little boys idolize him, and he could have used his celebrity status to teach them how real men should treat women (as Peyton Manning and Coach Tony Dungy have done) instead of looking like the star of ďAll My Babies' MamasĒ. (Yes, that was actually a reality TV show the Oxygen Network tried to enrich our lives with).

3. While we may never know exactly what happened in ďDeflate GateĒ, Brady was linked to a scandal that tarnished football and was suspended for four games. Nothing like that ever happened to legendary quarterbacks like Joe Montana (who Brady idolized), Terry Bradshaw, or Peyton Manning.

4. One of our Westies is named Brady, and we get so tired of everyone asking if he was named after Tom Brady. (He was named after the Brady Bunch).

5. I grew up in Georgia and went to college at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, so I was really rooting for the Falcons to win Super Bowl 51.

When halftime came and the Falcons were leading 21 -3, I was sure the Lombardi trophy was going to Atlanta for the first time.

But thatís where Tom Brady did something I never expected he could do Ö won my admiration. Over and over again, former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman (who was one of the commentators calling the game live on Fox) kept saying how no team had ever overcome more than a 10 point deficit in a Super Bowl.

And then Brady, who had just played two of the worst quarters of his career, led his team to do exactly that. Even in the fourth quarter when Atlanta had been silenced and New England was controlling the game, I still didnít believe they could do it.

Again and again, Aikman kept saying how no Super Bowl had gone into overtime.

But it did, and the rest is history.

While Iím still a huge Peyton Manning fan (and hope the rumor that he and Jon Bon Jovi are buying the Tennessee Titans is true), I now admit that Tom Brady has the heart of a champion like no other athlete Iíve ever seen.

When his wife was asked if she thought they could come back from so far behind, she said ďSometimes you just have to believeĒ. I canít imagine how Brady kept believing in himself when they were so far behind, or kept his teammates believing.

But he did. And for that, my hatís off to the man. He has the heart of a champion, and is proof that winners never quit.

To Your Success,

Glenn Shepard

I donít know any of Lady GaGaís songs, but her halftime show was the most impressive musical performance Iíve ever seen. I think she was the most athletic person in the stadium, and she also won my respect.

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