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Is That the Best You Can Do?


by Glenn Shepard
April 11, 2017
Category: Management and Motivation




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My Dad used to restore ‘57 Chevys and enter them in competitions.

At the car shows, owners never stopped trying to get every last speck of dust and smudge off of their prized possessions.

But all of that had to stop once the judges began inspection.

When Regis Philbin coined the phrase “Is that your final answer?” on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, I always thought about that moment of truth at the car shows.

Last week, I heard a woman on a Minnesota TV station say “I’m not perfect, but be patient with me. I’m still a work in progress”.

That got me to thinking.

You’ve probably heard motivational speakers say “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.”

Not only is that a corny, worn out cliché, but it’s also dangerous for people to believe they’re leading a life of constant improvement when they’re far from it.

I’ve met over 100,000 people in my seminars, and get emails from folks I’ve never met, who reveal all kinds of intimate details of their lives. From extramarital affairs with coworkers to embezzlement, it never ceases to amaze me.

I can say with certainty that most people are NOT getting better every day.

Most are on autopilot, just coasting through their lives.

When Billy Crystal faced a midlife crisis in the movie City Slickers, he lamented,

“This is the best I'm ever going to look, the best I'm ever going to feel, the best I'm ever going to do, and it ain't that great.”

It’s a geometric certainty that once you hit the top, there’s only one direction you can go from there.

So how can you avoid spending the rest of your life going downhill once you reach the top?

No matter where you are in your life, ask yourself once a week, “Is this the best I can do?”

Until you can answer with a resounding “Yes it is", you’ll always have room for improvement, and that’s a good thing.

Without it, life would be quite boring.

To Your Success,


Glenn Shepard

P.S. If you have an employee who sometimes cuts corners or doesn’t live up to their potential, ask “Is this the best you can do?” the next time they turn in a project. If they answer “Yes”, then respond “Excellent! That’s what I want to hear”. If they answer “No”, then respond “I don’t look for perfection from anyone, but I expect everyone to do their best. Bring it back when you’ve given me your best”.

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