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Correcting Employee Problems with an Action Plan


by Glenn Shepard
May 9, 2017
Category: Management




Kingston, NY May 10
Albany, NY May 11

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ďI Hate Them!Ē

Thatís what most managers say about performance evaluations.

I remain a huge advocate of them, because nothing can be improved until it is measured.

But even if you do them and do them well, you canít wait until a performance evaluation to deal with employee problems.

When dealing with negative issues, keep three simple things in mind.

1. Attack the problem, not the individual. Your goal is to change the behavior, not the person.


2. You need a definite and actionable solution to the problem.


3. In order to get the employee to buy in to (i.e. commit to) the process, get their feedback and input into creating an "action plan". 

The plan should detail the problem specifically, and outline steps that both the employer and employee can take to remedy the situation.

Be specific in terms of actions to be taken, and timeframes.

PRECISE steps must be laid out. Directives such as "improve in this area" or "you need to have a better attitude" don't work.

Be specific as to what consequences may result if the situation is not solved.

Then establish follow-up times/dates to make sure the plan is being adhered to and progress is being made.

In the end, the performance review itself should reflect not only that there was a problem, but that steps have been taken to correct it.

To Your Success,


Glenn Shepard

Subsequent performance reviews should reflect whether or not the problem has been rectified. If it has, it should be reflected as a "positive" at review time.

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