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10 Ways to Tell If You’re Sleeping with a Sociopath


by Glenn Shepard
May 16, 2017
Category: Management




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A good night sleep increases your mood by about the same as winning the lottery of $150,000.
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People use the term loosely, but it's no laughing matter.

Some mental health experts have estimated that as many as 1 out of every 25 Americans is a sociopath. That’s 4% of the U.S. population, which means there’s about a 100% chance you know one.

You could even marry and raise a family with one without ever realizing what’s been going on for all those years, even though it’s right in front of you.

Because they're so good at deception, they can spend their entire lives flying under the radar and fool everyone.

Contrary to common belief, most are not serial killers or social misfits that can't keep a job. Many are quite successful.

They surround themselves with minions who get fooled by their charm and wouldn't suspect them of anything – and wouldn’t question them even if they did suspect something “wasn’t right”.

Here are 10 tell-tale signs that you might be sleeping with a sociopath:

1. Lying and cheating are acceptable means to an end for them, and they feel no guilt for either – or for anything else.

2 They’re incapable of feeling remorse or shame; or empathy or sympathy for others.

3. They're incapable of love. They may act loving to get what they want, but they can't actually feel love for someone else because their only concern is for themselves.

4. They tend to be highly intelligent and are good liars.

5. They exploit others for their own personal gain (i.e. theft). They'll also exploit others just for their own personal gratification, even when there is no material gain to them (i.e. intentionally being late just to keep you waiting).

6. Despite their insensitivity to others, they're highly sensitive to criticism and prone to emotional outbursts.

7. They always have to win, from simple arguments to competing in business.

8. No matter how hurtful or damaging their actions may be to you, they don't apologize UNLESS they see some benefit to themselves for doing so.

9. Because they feel unbound by social norms, they'll do things that seem bizarre to you – but are GREAT at rationalizing whatever they do.

10. They’re charismatic. This is key because this charisma is how they get people to let their guard down. Because they're “Charming and Disarming”, most people are completely oblivious to their secret double life.

If you're like most people, you probably have a name and face in mind right about now.

Do NOT, however, confront someone you suspect of being a sociopath about your suspicions. Because they’re so manipulative, they'll make it look like you're the one who's mentally ill. And even worse, they'll also turn others who are gullible enough to fall for their Svengali-like charm against you. Sociopaths are severely damaged and dangerous people. Because there is no known cure, the best course of action is avoidance.

If you work for a sociopath, you'll be well served to find another job. If you supervise a sociopath, watch them like a hawk until the day they decide to leave you, or you decide to “free them up for other opportunities”.

And if you're married to one, seek counseling with a licensed therapist immediately. Go alone and find out if your suspicions are correct, and then decide where to go from there.

To Your Success,


Glenn Shepard

While there is no known cure for sociopathy, knowing you're not crazy when you see the behavior no one else sees will at least help you rest a little easier.

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