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“Glenn Shepard Teaches Leaders to be A**holes”
Part 2 of 3


by Glenn Shepard
January 16, 2018




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Here’s the rest of last week’s story.

(Click here if you missed part 1).

Since the angry woman wasn’t a customer, the BBB didn’t post her review. But since Sue, my publicist, had one all typed up and ready to send, I’ll share it here:

The individual who posted this review has never attended a Glenn Shepard seminar. If she had, she would have known that the first thing managers are taught in his seminar is to be “Firm, but Fair and Consistent” in how they treat people. She would have known about empowering statements he teaches managers to use with their employees, such as “I want more for you than you want for yourself” and “I’m holding you accountable for your own actions because I want you to succeed at this job, but I can’t succeed for you. What do YOU want for yourself?”

She would have also known that Glenn teaches the cardinal rule of behavioral modification, which is “There must be rewards for good behavior, but there must also be consequences for bad behavior”. She would have also known that some of the rewards he teaches include giving people their birthdays off as a paid holiday, paid time to get their hair done, and buying back unused sick time at 110% of people’s hourly rate.

If she had ever met Glenn, she might know that when a flood completely wiped out his business in 2010, he continued paying his employees’ salaries and health insurance while the company was shut down for months. She might also know how he continued paying an employee’s full salary and health insurance in 2014 while she stayed home and took care of her husband who was fighting cancer. She might also know that he has given away three automobiles to people in need, two of whom were single moms.

The flip side of such generous benefits is that with great privilege comes great responsibility. Glenn holds himself to a high set of standards, and also holds his employees to a high set of standards. This includes things like showing up for work on time, being respectful to others, and acting professionally at all times. It does not include name calling or emotional outbursts.

The rules she finds so objectionable are:

1. Raises are earned, not given.
2. Leave your home life at home.
3. Finish what you started.
4. If you’d wear it to the state fair, don’t wear it to work.
5. No matter what your job title is, you get paid to serve the customer.
6. Do not read your text messages while a customer is talking to you.
7. If you can't be on time, be early.
8. If you wouldn’t say it to people’s faces, don’t say it behind their backs.
9. When you cause a problem, you’re the one responsible for finding a solution.
10. Perfection is not expected of you, but excellence is.

These rules speak for themselves, which is why this poster has been the most popular item in our company for years. It is proudly displayed on the walls of thousands of for-profits, 501(c)(3) non-profits, 501(c)(6) chambers of commerce, and government buildings (including courtrooms and police departments) all over the United States. We constantly receive requests to use it in commencement speeches. Last year singer and Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan requested a copy of it after seeing it backstage at the civic center in Paducah, KY.

Sue Pace
Director of Communications
Glenn Shepard Seminars, Inc.

Thanks Sue. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

To Your Success,


Glenn Shepard

P.S. After I shared the woman’s angry remarks in this newsletter last week, they created even more demand for the poster. We just placed a stock order for 2,000 more.

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